Meet the Authors

Ray Wilkins

Ray Wilkins is an Englishman living in Surrey, UK with three children, all of whom speak a second language.

My creation and idea came in a dream I had and led to Paul the Pilot! When my children were young and regularly watching cartoons, ads and not gaining any knowledge, I wanted better programmes for them and I wanted to do something to improve. It then I had a surreal dream, my eureka moment! The dream was about Paul the Pilot and his global adventures. I woke up and started writing my Paul the Pilot ideas. I then did nothing with those ideas for quite some time.

One day, I was reading a Sunday newspaper supplement and it mentioned that all good ideas, inventions and books go to the grave once the person dies, never to see the light of day. I then thought: no,this idea has not been done before, and I need to do to ensure it gets published. So, I set about my research (thanks Google), and sought a co-author.

I discussed the idea with many people and felt there was no human connection or fit and parked the idea again. Every spare moment, I did searches using Boolean Strings and found Sarah Barton, and after an initial Skype chat, we arranged to meet in the UK when she was next over from her home in France. When we met, the connection sparked and we started working together and collaborated on Paul the Pilot ever since. 

I am thrilled and touched you are buying a copy of Paul the Pilot and I sincerely hope that it helps young children to begin their adventure and enable them to learn another language. I look forward to seeing the love and the work I have invested in Paul the Pilot help your loved ones in a fun way. Let’s go…

Sarah Barton

Sarah Barton – Author, Writer, Teacher

An English lady living in France. When Ray approached me with his idea for Paul the Pilot and the reasons behind the project – making a difference for our children and future generations, broadening their horizons, I was delighted to say: Yes, I’d love to embark on this adventure with you, Paul and our readers.” I love playing with words, books, language.

The English and French teacher in me loves sharing knowledge with others. Paul the Pilot is more than a fun language learning and reading adventure. A positive aspect, as learning a second language opens up youngster’s brains for better all-round learning – as I have witnessed with my own seven children. Five of whom came over to France at an early age, two were born in France and learned two languages from the word go!

Within Paul the Pilot, there are the subtle teachings of people from different cultures getting along, sharing positive experiences together, as well as recognition of the various landmarks in the countries visited by Paul. Thus some history and geography enrobed in Paul’s adventures with his plane PETE, intertwined with the learning of some basic words in another language.

As a global messenger of peace and love, these ingredients in the Paul the Pilot recipe were all so delightful for me to play with and participate in.

The adventure of Paul the Pilot, Ray and I, along with our readers has really only just begun. With what we have planned, we look forward to our travels and ever-expanding journey together. Let’s go…